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Hello! My name is Mark Urich and I live in the great state of Montana. I have been a freelance graphic and web designer for about 10 years and love what I do! I am also a ski racer training to make the next Paralympic Winter Games in Korea in all 5 alpine downhill events…so being able to work from my computer is amazing!

I take pride in being able to help small businesses find their brand and market it correctly. I love helping people and when my clients like what I have done for them, there is no better feeling of accomplishment. I love art, and being able to use my “mom-given” talent to help other people grow their business…well that’s just super!

Thank you for checking out my portfolio page! If you are in need of a domain, hosting, custom email, or any other web service, please visit my storefront at shop.tiltedworks.com

For a full ski bio, please check out TeamUrich.com

Thank You!




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